Gluten Free Lemon Raspberry Cake with Lemon/Vanilla Glaze – 8 inch


Our Gluten Free Raspberry Lemon cake is light, decadent and totally gluten free! We make a moist yellow food cake, add some raspberries, lemon zest and fresh lemon juice. It’s topped with a Lemon/Vanilla Glaze. Makes an awesome dessert.

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Our Gluten free Lemon Raspberry Cake with Lemon/Vanilla Glaze is far better than even we expected. This cake starts with fresh lemons, which we zest, juice and add to a basic yellow cake. We add beautiful raspberries and bake until those raspberries bubble up with deliciousness.

To top it off, a wonderful Lemon/Vanilla Glaze is added to just send this cake into the stratosphere. So good, so light, it’s hard to stop at one slice. This 8 inch gluten free raspberry lemon cake is perfect for after dinner or any event really.

Our bakers never tire of making this incredible taste combination for our customers. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we love baking it. It gets exciting when that raspberry bubbles up. It really does.

Want to make a lemon raspberry cake in your own home? Start with our Yellow Cake Mix!

Who invented lemon cake?
Not into cake? Want to try some raspberry and lemon water?


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