Glens Falls Gluten Free Home Bakery


We run a dedicated gluten-free facility at our Glens Falls Gluten Free Home Bakery. Committed to ensuring your safety. No cross-contamination in this totally gluten-free facility. Easy to order. Easy to pick up. We bring it to your car.

Divinely Gluten Free is a dedicated gluten free faciliy. Nothing with gluten enters the premises. This means no cross contamination ever. Visit our online bakery to place your first order.

Divinely Gluten Free Baking Mixes for a Gluten Free Lifestyle


Gluten Free Foods can absolutely be delicious. Divinely Gluten Free is dedicated to creating both delicious and healthier Gluten Free Baking Mixes and Gluten Free Products. Our gluten free baking mixes and other gluten free products contain ethically sourced non-GMO gluten-free certified ingredients.

Ease in a Gluten Free Kitchen


Our mixes are created to be very easy to make. A gluten free lifestyle comes at the cost of time and convenience. Divinely Gluten Free is aware that Gluten Free Mom’s need more time to do everything. Our mixes are as simple as possible to put more time back into your day. No weird ingredients, no weird instructions. You can have a box of cookies made from start to finish in 20-25 minutes including baking time.

Gluten Free Support


Our company is comprised of either celiac’s or gluten sensitives, so we know what you are going through. We offer both recipes and articles to help you get through this.

With articles that inform and recipes that bring the sexy back to your table, we try to be there with you to get you back on your feet after a diagnosis, or for some the simple decision to never consume gluten again.