Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake – 8 inches


Light, delicious and totally gluten free. Our Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake is perfect for spring and summer. 8 inches of delicious yellow cake, surrounded by whipped cream “flowers” and topped with as many fresh sliced strawberries as we can fit. Very lovely, and fully gluten free.

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Our Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake is made with our super moist yellow cake mix. We make a basic stable whipped cream which holds it shape. We top it with fresh strawberries, sliced with a little demerara sugar.

All of our food is made in a dedicated gluten free facility and so there is no chance of cross contamination. We carefully source our ingredients from certified gluten free suppliers. We use the best tasting ingredients we can find to ensure your gluten free purchases taste amazing.

Our cakes use coconut flour to make and keep them truly moist and delicious. There is no rice flour in the goods we bake. We go the extra length to ensure you will be happy with the goods you purchase from Divinely Gluten Free.

We feel this is the best Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake you can find.

Want to make a gluten free shortcake in your own home – use one of our gluten free yellow cake mixes.

Nutritional Information on Strawberries


Divinely Gluten Free

Divinely Gluten Free Products are made to be absolutely delicious. With a focus on taste and texture, these products simply do not taste gluten free.


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