Gluten Free Chocolate Raspberry Cake with Chocolate Ganache – 8 inch


Our Gluten Free Chocolate Raspberry cake is rich, decadent and totally gluten free! We make a moist Chocolate cake, add some raspberries and top with a wonderful chocolate ganache. A desert made for royalty.

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Do you ever just want a little tart with your sweet? That is how our gluten free chocolate raspberry cake was born. Berries and Chocolate have long been paired and we woke up one morning with the desire to create something just a little different for desert.

This gluten free cake is a single layer cake, so it is not too much after a meal. Lovely raspberries are added to our devil food cake and baked so that the raspberries bubble up and really flavor that cake. Chocolate ganache is added to maintain that light decadence we were going for.

Perfect for dinner parties, get togethers, or just a special desert. We can only hope you enjoy this cake as much as we enjoy making it.

Want to make a Chocolate Raspberry Cake at home? Use our Gluten Free Devil Food Cake Mix!

Why Chocolate and Berries go Well Together
A short history on raspberries.


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