Gluten Free Cranberry Oatmeal Pecan Cookies – 24 pack


24 pack of cookies
Oatmeal cranberry pecan cookies
Certified gluten free oats mixed with spices, demerara sugar, cranberry and pecans.
Order early (before noon) for same day pickup
Soft, delicious and totally gluten free


Our Gluten Free Cranberry Oatmeal Pecan Cookies are not your everyday oatmeal cookie. The pecan adds a depth of flavor and couple perfectly with the cranberry.

I remember the wonderful smell of my mothers favorite cookie to bake. Full of oats and spice. I took my mothers oatmeal raisin cookies and upped the ante just a little for a wonderful cookie experience.

Goes incredibly well with coffee or tea, and if you want them on a regular basis, you can purchase our gluten free oatmeal cranberry baking mix. Incredibly easy to make.


Divinely Gluten Free

Divinely Gluten Free Products are made to be absolutely delicious. With a focus on taste and texture, these products simply do not taste gluten free.


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