Gluten Free Confetti Cake – 8 inches


8 inch Gluten Free Confetti Cake
serves 8 large pieces and 10-12 slimmer pieces

Made in a Dedicated Gluten Free Facility to ensure no cross contamination.

Made with non-GMO ingredients and carefully sources to ensure no gluten gets in prior to arriving at our facility.


Divinely Gluten Free Confetti Cake – Never has a gluten free cake been so much fun.

According to Wikipedia:Confetti cakes date at least back to the 1950s; a 1956 Betty Crocker advertisement in Life announced a new “confetti angel food” cake mix containing “colorful little morsels of sweetness”.[3] In 1989, the Pillsbury Company introduced “Funfetti” cake, a portmanteau of fun and confetti, which achieved great popularity.


Divinely Gluten Free

Divinely Gluten Free Products are made to be absolutely delicious. With a focus on taste and texture, these products simply do not taste gluten free.


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