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Memorial Day Parade in Glens Falls NY

parade in front of our bakery

Do you love a Memorial Day Parade? I sure do.

Memorial Day Parade in a Small City

I never realized when I got the idea to move to Glens Falls to open our Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery that I would fall so deeply in love with our new town. Our Yearly Memorial Day Parade is just one more reason.

I was raised in a Military Family. My Father, my uncles, my grandfather and my great uncles all were involved with the military and lives were lost. It is in my nature to really love memorial day. I live a relatively easy life in a first world country. It is because of all the courageous men and women who have served our country to defend that way of life.

thank you for your service

I am truly grateful for the constant sacrifice. Glens Falls is likewise a grateful city that celebrates this sacrifice. The yearly Memorial Day Parade happens to go right past our house and home bakery. People start gathering early and it is a site to behold.

Lest We Forget

I remember the little white and red poppies we used to get for donating on Memorial Day. Yes, I would proudly give a penny or a nickle or if I was so lucky to have one, a dime. Awareness of War was a real thing in the 70’s. Nightly reports of war were a normal part of our reality.

This caused me to be very aware of how lucky I was that my father did not end up in Vietnam and another name on a wall in Washington. I was grateful he was alive. It caused me to want to buy that poppy and never forget.

The Beauty of A Small Town

There is truly nothing like the beautiful quirky nature in a small town. Glens Falls is no different. From it’s No Mow May to it’s Memorial Day Parade, this is one amazing place to live.

Our Memorial Day Parade includes the regular marching bands, Emergency Services and Volunteers. It also includes a large rubber duck promoting the Kiwanis Raffle. Also included is the dachshund parade (adorable). A Chinese Dragon is part of it. I love the chinese dragon every year.

It is a joy to live in a Town/City like this. Our puppy has friends in the neighborhood. The neighbors are great. Bees and butterflies are important here. I could not love this place more if I tried.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Parade in Glens Falls NY

  1. I was just diagnosed with Celiac and have replaced so much in my kitchen. For cleaning the stainless steel I’ve been using Clorox wipes but you specifically mention Lysol wipes and the link to why Lysol wipes seems to be broken. Are the Lysol and Clorox wipes I rechargeable?

    Thank you for your wisdom and sharing it with the work. I probably would have melted down without your blog.

    1. Kate,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I apologize for not responding sooner. Yes, Lysol and Clorox are absolutely interchangeable.

      Good luck out there. I know how shocking it is to go through this process.

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