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We Have Begun Eating Gluten Free Lentil Pasta

lentil pasta - eating gluten free

We have unexpectedly had to begin eating gluten free lentil pasta. All three of my daughters have juvenile diabetes (it goes hand and hand with celiac’s disease apparently). They take insulin every day.

Lentil Pasta is Better Than Most Pastas for Diabetes

When I got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year, it required another drastic change to my diet. Not wanting to go on pills or insulin so soon, I began to really cut out every extraneous calorie I could find in my diet.

I began to look more at how to still eat healthily while not raising blood sugar levels as I continue to lose weight. It helps the body deal with diabetes. This is how we found ourselves eating gluten free lentil pasta. The good and gather brand of lentil pasta.

Try Target’s Good & Gather Brand of Gluten Free Lentil Pasta

I can have a little shrimp scampi and not have my blood sugar raise more than 30-40 points for a dinner. That to me truly works. Ask me how I like lentil pasta. I can honestly say that the Target Good & Gather brand actually puts out a very decent product to suit my needs.

Their pasta requires far more cooking time that the box says. I made it last night and the spaghetti we used required approx 11 minutes. I cooked it for 19 and next time I might just cook it for 20. The interesting thing is that this pasta will actually stand up to that time frame. Any other lentil pasta would fall apart. Plus, it taste great (if you cook it enough).

How did we end up on lentil pasta? Well, with my galactosemia, I need to avoid chick peas. So, my high fiber high protein pasta options were limited. We tried many different brands of lentil pasta, but honestly we couldn’t really stand eating most of them.

Good & Gather makes three lentil pastas that I can find locally. Penne, Rotini, and Spaghetti are what I have been able to find. I did see an image for Mac & Cheese Bites which I really wish I could try. Alas, no dairy for me.

If you suffer from Celiac’s we have other resources that may help you in your journey

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