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Liposomal Curcumin By Manna Is A Godsend For Inflammation!

liposomal curcumin to stop inflammation

I was looking for a solution for my crushing joint inflammation late one night when I stumbled upon Liposomal Curcumin By Manna. It had phenomenal reviews and said it would not disturb my stomach the way that straight turmeric does. Trepidation is a part of any late-night purchase, but I persevered and made the purchase in the hopes that something, anything would end my constant pain. I was not disappointed.

Is There Really A Natural Cure for Inflammation?


liquid for curcuminI have used ginger for years to quell the inflammation. It does not hurt my stomach and I never mind the flavor. However, moving further north means much colder winters and unfortunately, that translates into a great deal more stiffness in my joints from November to March. My feet and my hands are needed for my job. It has been hard to watch the strength in my hands succumb to arthritis. I knew this year that I needed help.

I found Liposomal Curcumin By Manna on one of my late-night nose dives into healing. After a particularly bad weekend with my right hip becoming horribly inflamed I became motivated. I knew that I either needed to solve this or go to a mainstream doctor. That nose dive paid off. The order took a week to ship. It took several more days to be received. I was put off by the delay. I was in pain. Anyone ordering it is in pain. Pain makes me grumpy.

Could Liposomal Curcumin By Manna Actually Stop Inflammation?


It finally arrived and I happily put it in water and went to drink it. I can handle food and especially beverages I don’t like. This was not palatable to me. It took me half an hour to get it down. I was determined to try this. Hoping the reviews were correct, I added it to an electrolyte drink. (Shout out to Dr Berg’s Electrolyte powder!) The mix made it much more palatable on the second go-round and I do it that way every day.

I woke up on day three with far less pain in my joints. On day four, my fingers loosened up and accidentally cracked a knuckle – which had not happened for years. Literally years. My joints have been too stiff for years for that kind of movement. This to me was beyond amazing. It was beyond amazing because it was day four. What would day 90 feel like? Keep in mind that this is not a paid statement. I paid for my three bottles. More amazingly, I am going to keep on paying for these bottles.

Yes, Life Can Get Easier Without Inflammation

As a person, I have been nearly crippled by the long-term undiagnosed celiac disease. This liquid form curcumin opens my body up for true healing. Yoga has been difficult with long-term inflammation. Even walking for long periods was no longer possible. I needed something to stop the inflammation. This product by Manna is giving me my life back.

As a baker, I am on my feet most days for 6-12 hours a day. It is quite a feat with the level of pain I am accustomed to. This product does not cure the body of misalignments of the skeletal body and the spine. What it has done is given me a clearer picture of what is a misalignment and what is inflammation. I can now get back to yoga without the pain of working joints that are swollen and inflamed. It provides me the opportunity to now put my body back together without the inflammation.

A Brand New Day, Again

Today is day 9 of taking this product. My lower back issues are still there as well as my right hip. Which is now allowing movement so in time I can retrain the muscles to sit correctly. My life feels lucky. I found this product by accident and it works. Many products do not work. This one does.

It is making my life easier with every step. It is strong enough of a reality that I wrote this article all about my new favorite product – Liposomal Curcumin By Manna.

Update: After a year of using this product pretty regularly, I can report a huge difference in my pain level. I live in the Northeast and winters can be brutal and the joint pain can go crazy. My winters consisted of arthritic compression gloves, topical pain relief and a lot of Tylenol. It can be happily reported that this year, after being really dedicated to using this that I did not need my compression gloves, I did not use any topical pain relief. Tylenol is still required every day, but happily, my pain was greatly diminished a year later. I was half way through the winter when I realized I had not worn gloves or slathered cbd all over my swollen painful joints.

Liposomal Curcumin has made an incredible difference in my life. My pain levels, while still quite present did not go into the stratosphere this winter and for that I am insanely grateful.

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  1. Just curious on who wrote this article. I don’t see a name at the top or bottom.

    1. This article and all articles are written by myself. I am the owner and the founder of Divinely Gluten Free.

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