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Extra Nutritious Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

divinely gluten free chicken bone broth recipe

Extra Nutritious Chicken Bone Broth Recipe


There is noting more important than a good solid bone broth recipe. It has taken me a year of learning to make a super nutritious chicken bone broth. We use this in our test kitchen on a regular basis to boost the taste of our soups, rices and sauces. Knowing how good it is for our gluten damaged intestines just adds to the joy of making it.

It’s All About the Roasting For a Truly Delicious Chicken Bone Broth

roasted chicken as a base for nutritious chicken bone brothWe only make our nutritious chicken bone broth from roasted chicken bones. Chicken quarters are perfect for roasting. Place then in a roasting pan, and season. Let them come to room temperature if they aren’t. Roast in a 375 degree oven for 1 hour. The scent is really quite lovely as it roasts.

When the roasting is done, take the pan out of the oven and allow it to come to room temperature. Once at room temperature, debone the chicken and set it aside for another recipe. It is the bones we really want. Don’t debone too vigorously because the roast chicken that stays on the joint adds to the taste of the broth.

Bone Broth is Simple, Really It Is

The recipe itself is really quite simple, but it is all about the temperature, and the pot. It3 took me quite a while to find the right pot. One of the pots we have has a great lid that fits perfectly. It gives up very little liquid when I do a very long cook on our broth. It will take trial and error, but once you figure it out, it makes a huge difference to the broth.

Temperature is the same kind of thing. It took trial and error to learn the correct temperature to make highly nutritious chicken bone broth. For me, the long term temperature (and I am talking 24 hours of cooking on a back burner) to break down the bones and yield its high nutrition in both vitamins and mineral – most importantly to those of use with gut damage, natural collagen.

The size of the pot, the amount of water, and the rate of evaporation matters. Although you bring the bones and water to a low boil once to get it going, you actually keep it below a boil. You want no real evaporation to occur so that it can continue to cook unattended through the night. Yes, it was nerve wracking the first time I left one overnight. The results however were astounding.

Nutritious Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

8 deboned roasted chicken quarters
3 Liters water

  1. Put your deboned chicken quarters into the stock pot.
    2. Add 3 liters of water to the pot.
    3. Bring to a low boil.
    4. Put cover on pan and lower to just below a boil. The temperature you want is just prior to surface movement. Visually, if it bubbles, the temp is too high.
    5. Cook a min of 12 hours, and over time, try to get it to that perfect temp to let it go through the night an cook on low for 24 hours.
    6. Remove from heat when you feel it is ready. Allow to cool until it is safe to strain.
    7. Strain and store in containers until ready to use in a recipe.

We use this bone broth in most of our soups, sauces and the rice we cook. It adds both a layer of nutrition and taste into the food we make. We all know that as we heal, or live, a little nutrition tucked into everything helps us live better lives.

gut healing chicken brothThis is what we end up with when we are all done, and the broth has been strained and cooled and is ready to our storage containers. That yellow color means there is lots of vitamins and minerals leached from the bones. It should start to thicken as it gets cooler and cooler which means lots of nutritious collagen. You can skim the fat off the top once it has cooled competely, but we leave a little on as it too adds a little nutrition. If your strained broth is looking like this picture, I know it will taste great.

I personally recommend either this or our prebiotic bone broth recipe for any time that your immune system dips. I find that when exposed to gluten, either of these recipes goes a long way to a quicker recovery. So, always make more than you think you need and keep a little in the freezer for emergenices.


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