Red, White & Blue Patriotic Gluten Free Cupcakes


6 Red White & Blue cupcakes to show your patriotic side. Perfect for picnics or cookouts on either the 4th of July or Memorial Day.

3 Chocolate Cupcakes & 3 Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla frosting and Red White and Blue nonpareils

A crowd pleaser.


Patriotic Gluten Free Cupcakes decorated in Red White and Blue Sprinkles are perfect for those proud of our Freedoms and in honor of all those who have fought for those freedoms.

Our Red White and Blue Patriotic Gluten Free Cupcakes come with Half Chocolate Cupcakes, Half Vanilla Cupcakes – all with vanilla frosting and our amazing Red White and Blue nonpareils.

Decorated to share the joy of our Republic – and the cost it has taken to maintain it.

Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence!


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