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Divinely Gluten Free is MOVING!

divinely gluten free in glens falls ny

Divinely Gluten Free is MOVING! Oh My Goodness, whose idea was this? After months of a horrible kitchen remodel that was just not meant to be, We have decided to move our operations 50 miles north. Why? I am not totally sure, but the universe appears to be very much behind it, and when the universe speaks, I do kind of listen.

Glens Falls, You Say?

I have lived, and worked, and loved, and lived some more within the city limits of Albany NY for more years than I care to comment on. So it was with a shock that I began to feel like it was time to move our offices. We have been crammed into our house for two years now, and some days, it is just unworkable. Everywhere you turn there are 50lb bags of specialty flours and starches. Huge Cases of chocolates (YUM) fill what used to be a coat closet. It is pretty crazy here.

So, after trying to pull some metal flashing off the back of the kitchen counter and literally flying across the kitchen into a large appliance, I began to have second thoughts about this whole remodel thing. I took the two weeks time I needed for my back to come back online to think long and hard about what we were trying to do in a clearly too small space. My search took me to Glens Falls. I am not sure why, it simply did.

I began to look for a space that would work for us. We are working on bread and want to move into some local corporate contracts with restaurants and deli’s. We have been having great success with our rice free bread recipes. We had a roll recipe today that looked and felt like normal soft lovely dinner rolls. We are so very close.

It Has How Many Ovens?

Right now we have two ovens. When our stove died after only four years, we decided to kick it up a notch. When we have larger shows to do, or larger baking gigs, we get a little stressed with just one oven, so we bought an cooktop with two ovens in it. So, we knew what an extra oven did to our productivity.

One day as I was perusing the local listings that would allow our pets too, it was with shock and awe that I found a large home with four ovens in their kitchen. When we add our own oven, we will have six ovens. More than enough to take on the contracts we want to. one or two for proofing, and another four for baking. How awesome is that? Pretty darned awesome.

We are in talks right now. We have put down a deposit and we are going back to measure the space to ensure it can truly handle us they way we need it to.

So, Yes, Divinely Gluten Free is MOVING to Glens Falls. It is happening much sooner than we would like (sorry Sami) and we have more on our plates than we can handle. We have started packing this week and we will hopefully be all moved and resituated by December 1, 2019. Wish us luck Guys!!! We are going to need it.

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  1. enjoyed what I have read would like to get more posts

    1. Thanks Linda,
      We will see what we can do to get more posts out there.

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