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Divinely Gluten Free Home Bakery in Glens Falls is Open

Divinely Gluten-Free Home Bakery is Open

It’s official, our NYS home kitchen certification has come through. We are OPEN! It is a pleasure to be back and serving Glens Falls, Saratoga and Lake George and all their surrounding regions again.

We are busy making birthday cakes, brownies, donuts, and cookies. Sometimes, we get to bake some bread, We get to have fun together in the kitchen as we make gluten-free creations that sail out our doors and into local homes. It’s a good life.

Divinely Gluten Free Home Bakery is Open

gluten free baked for youWe are currently located at 485 Glen Street in Glens Falls, NY. We have a parking lot on the side and delivery often in the back. Either way, we have plenty of space for pickups!

We love make everything fresh for each order. We still mix all our own ingredients. We are still designing new products. This is an inspiring place to live. We get to have a home garden for the first time and it is exciting. We cannot wait until our fruit bushes provide us with some amazing opportunities to can spreadable fruit for our cakes!

The pandemic has brought a lot of change. Getting the ingredients we need is not always as simple as it used to be. We have been able to keep a steady supply of stock on hand and we are still rice flour free. We love finding creative ways around obstacles daily.

What’s A Home Bakery As Opposed to a Bakery?

gluten-free-baked-with-loveThis is not a commercial kitchen. We were unable to get zoning permission at this time to be a commercial kitchen. We are not allowed to have a storefront. While we are working towards allowing walk-ins, we may never be a full-fledged bakery. We are sad by the limitations, but we are excited to watch our product line grow.

A home bakery is required to ensure all products are shelf-stable. We can create glazes, but not ganache. We can make frosting, but not a true buttercream as it is not considered shelf-stable. It has taken us months to change our cakes over to the required changes, but we have persevered and have created delicious options which include our cakes are all naturally dairy-free and gluten-free.

We cannot print a name on our cakes, as for some reason, it is considered a personalization and is not allowed due to New York State rules. Crazy Right?

Same Delicious Products

Nothing much has changed. We still make delicious cakes and baked goods. We are getting used to our new ovens and setup. We have enough room to work. Life is very good.

We will be closed on Sundays (we will do pickups if needed). We have pickups whenever they are needed for your convenience. A home kitchen has been an interesting business to consider, but we know we can meet Glens Falls needs while creating delicious baked goods. We really love this little city and all it offers. The people we have met have been so wonderful. We feel quite blessed to be here.

2 thoughts on “Divinely Gluten Free Home Bakery in Glens Falls is Open

  1. Do you make cheese danish. My sister has a birthday in September and I have called everyone. Please let me know . Thank you.

    1. Theresa,

      We are a home bakery and we are unable to make cheese danish because NYS does not consider it shelf stable. We do many other flavors.


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