Wholesale Gluten Free Baking Mixes

Wholesale Gluten Free Baking Mixes

All of our products are available for wholesale purchase. Whether you are looking to carry our baking mixes in a retail location, or you would like to purchase our Bulk sizes for use in your commercial location, simply fill in the form below. Your account will be available in 24 hours or less.

We currently offer both retail and food distributor wholesale purchases. If you are looking to carry our products for resale, or are looking to create gluten free baked goods for your own customers, we have it covered.

Delicious & Gluten Free to 10ppm

We test each batch we create in house and our mixes test below 10PPM. Our goal as a company is simple. We create delicious gluten free food that can be share with everyone. Good enough to be eaten by everyone – Gluten Free doesn’t have to taste different from the baked goods we grew up with.

Brownies, cakes and cookies made to knock your socks off! And Yes, they are gluten free!