Gluten Free Strawberry Tallcake


Gluten Free Strawberry Tallcake is comprised of 2 layers of our gluten free yellow cake. Strawberry spreadable fruit filling. Extra light vanilla frosting topped with fresh sliced strawberries.

Our eight inch gluten free tallcake should serve approx 8-10 people.


Our Gluten Free Strawberry Tallcake is the perfect summer dessert. Delicious, dairy-free, gluten-free and perfect for larger gatherings. Two layers of yellow cake are filled with spreadable strawberry fruit. We use a very light frosting and top it with delicious fresh strawberries.

We designed our strawberry tallcake for all kinds of gatherings. Light fresh and delicious, our tallcake has two layers of cake, allowing it to feed more people while still providing that fresh summer taste of strawberries.

Our dairy-free frosting is whipped up to be nice and light, similar to whipped cream, but allows it to be shelf-stable and does not need refrigeration. Perfect for Birthdays, Weddings, and family events.

Our eight-inch gluten-free tallcake should serve approx 8-10 people.


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